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Why give to charities?

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Last updated: 16 Oct, 2012
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By Jason Watson ()

Many people give to charities for a wide range of reasons- help those in need, makes people feel good, because of personal experience, gives people a sense of pride, and yes, for the tax deduction. Here are some examples of charities and their missions-

The United Way, founded in Denver in 1887, focuses on improving education, achieving financial stability and promoting healthy lives. In 2011, Goodwill Industries whose mission is to help people find employment, helped 189,000 people obtain a job and spent over 82% of its revenue (or $3.5 billion) directly on employment and job training programs. Susan G. Komen spends 93% of its revenues on education, research, screening and treatment (only 7% is spent on administration, which is super efficient).

Of course there are thousands of other charities, organizations and foundations performing broad services as well as providing very narrow and local community outreach activities. Regardless of the mission or objectives, not every organization qualifies as a charity.

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