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MyRA – The Retirement Plan Jumpstart

By Watson CPA Group (Google+)   Opportunity for all was the hallmark of President Obama’s surprise announcement of a government backed retirement savings plan. The plan is aimed to expand retirement savings opportunities…


In-Plan Roth Rollovers Offer Tax Opportunities

By Watson CPA Group (Google+)   Prior to last year’s “fiscal cliff,” or American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA), Roth in-plan rollovers were seized by eligibility rules. Yet, the signing of the legislation liberated…

Minister Tax Breaks Ruled Unconstitutional

By Watson CPA Group (Google+)   No guts no glory may be what U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb was thinking when she ruled the minister housing allowance unconstitutional. Since 1921, ministers have been…

Goodbye 2013 – Hello Expired Tax Credits

By Watson CPA Group (Google+) While millions were ringing in the new year with celebrations, fireworks, and tweeting the night away, saying goodbye to 2013 included a long list of expiring tax provisions….

HSA Remedy to Obamacare for Employers

By Watson CPA Group (Google+) By now, many employers are suffering from the oncoming malady-  health coverage of employees. It’s an unavoidable affliction for small businesses wanting to provide employees health insurance under…

Paycheck Tax Changes Coming in 2014

By Watson CPA Group (Google+) With economists reporting a rise in personal incomes, taxpayers may find more of their income subject to taxes in 2014. Starting in January, employees may see changes in…