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The One Call Team Concept


The One Call (no silos)

The One Call

The Watson CPA Group is expanding its depth and quality of services to our clients. We were concerned about our clients only having access to individual silos of quality advice from tax modeling to small business consultation to retirement planning to estate strategies. Picture a drive through Wisconsin farmlands. Each silo individually doing the right thing, but collectively missing the mark.


Therefore, we have connected with professionals who are independent of the Watson CPA Group, yet work collaboratively to form a financial team under one roof, quite literally. Tax and Small Business Consultants. Financial Advisors. Biz Law Attorney. Estate Planning Attorney. Mortgage Broker.


Again, we want to eliminate the silos of sound advice living in vacuums in favor of a comprehensive financial team. We believe you will find value in this approach. No more kicking the can down the road. No more playing the telephone game between your CPA and financial advisor and attorney.


One Call • One Team • Working in Concert


With the One Call Team, you have quality advice from-


  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Small Business Consultants
  • Estate Planning Attorneys
  • Financial Advisors
  • Insurance Specialists

Jason, Tony, Tina, John Lo ResEngagement

We are a team of independent professionals. Therefore when you engage with a One Call team member, you are engaging with an independent professional and NOT an entity or the Watson CPA Group as a tax and accounting firm. By law, ethics and other regulatory agencies, a CPA firm cannot offer legal or certain types of financial advice.


You can blame the former wizards at Arthur Andersen, Lehman Brothers, among others, who didn’t act in good faith. Frankly it is a good thing to keep these elements legally separated but that doesn’t mean those same elements can’t work together, in concert, as a collective advocate.


The Watson CPA Group can coordinate and facilitate your engagement with a member of The One Call Team, but please keep in mind that these are all separate professionals with separate engagement agreements.


Yes, there are disclosures that need to be reviewed, understood and signed. Yes, we have to be very careful about the rules. No, this is not your problem to manage but you need to be aware. And when you work with one or all of us independently, we will review these details with you to ensure your understanding.


At the end of day, we just want people to have access to comprehensive advice, and The One Call Team accomplishes that very efficiently. We are positive you will agree.


We look forward to working with you!