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The Affordable Care Act aka ACA aka Obamacare has unique tax consequences that we must address. Please don’t shoot the messenger.


If you are expatriate (or expat for short), you are NOT required to follow ACA compliance. You may ignore this.


Form 1095

This form is being used to report your health insurance coverage, and it has three sources-


Form Health Insurance Source
1095-A Marketplace
1095-B Private Insurance
1095-C Employer Sponsored


ACA Questions

Please describe the health insurance coverage that you AND your family had, and the periods of time that you had it. For example, you had a job from Jan thru Apr with company sponsored insurance, used COBRA for May, and then purchased private insurance for Jun thru Dec.

Is anyone in your family qualify for an exemption from the health care coverage mandate? If so, please describe below-

Were there any periods of time in 2017 where you were NOT covered by health insurance? If so, please describe below-


Please select the tax year that this information is associated with. In addition, please enter your name so we can group your submissions together plus your email address. Click the Submit button below to securely and safely send this information to us. You can submit as many forms as needed. If you later discover an error- simply re-submit your information and check the box below letting us know.

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