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Welcome to the Flight Crew Portal! Everything you need from pilot tax preparation to flight attendant tax preparation to per diem deductions to deductible travel expenses is here. Have a question about deducting van tips or crashpads? Have a small business or rental? Need some basic tax consultation, that’s here too!


Flight Crew Tax Preparation

Click on the buttons below to review our flight crew tax return procedures and general fees, including. Checklists and our online submit forms for compiling your tax documents are included.


If you need small business or rental property tax returns, including corporate or partnership tax return preparation, please visit our Tax Center Portal.


Free Per Diem Calculator

Why pay to get your per diem calculated? Do you have your own CPA or tax accountant (you really should pick us)? Are you a do-it-yourselfer? No problem. Take 10 minutes, enter your flight schedule, and we’ll compute your per diem allowance for you. Instant. Print or download.


Per Diem Information

Per diem calculation and deduction is a big deal- usually two-thirds of a pilot and flight attendant’s overall deduction will come from per diem. And if you fly internationally, then it really jumps up. Learn more about the rates, and how per diem is deducted below.


Tax Court Cases, Flight Crew FAQs

Want to deduct nylons and shoes? How about taking a per diem deduction on a turn or a local trip? Van driver tips? Crashpad? Sorry Charlie- all a big No-No. Don’t take our word for it, read the riveting Tax Court cases below before taking that innocent deduction.


Flight Crew Consultation, Fees

We are flight crew minded tax professionals who can speak your language when it comes to pilots and flight attendants, including all your tax, accounting and consultation needs. Jason Watson, our Managing Partner, loves to talk about the good old days when sex was safe and flying was dangerous. Give us a call!


We are a full service tax preparation, accounting and consultation firm, and we look forward to working with you!


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