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Pilot Taxes

Pilot Taxes

Posted March 4, 2019


The Watson CPA Group has been preparing tax returns since 1997 for airline pilots and flight attendants across the country for a variety of airlines and aviation companies.  We pride ourselves in tackling the most challenging tax situations including flight crew taxes, flight attendant taxes and airline pilot taxes – all for a reasonable fee range of $500 to $700. Having said that, we try to maintain historical fees for returning clients.


As you are aware, the IRS no longer allows deductions for per diem and other typical flight crew expenses such as uniforms, cell phone, flight physicals, luggage, etc. However, several states still allow this deduction (as of now they are NY, MN, IA, CA and HI). As such, we are no longer updating our per diem calculator but if you want to calculate your own per diem deduction for the states that continue to allow it we suggest PerDiemCalc.com; we will credit you $25 towards your tax preparation fee.



August and November Financial Tune-Ups

For those clients who have a tax-only engagement with us, we offer a lot more than just a tax return. Tax returns are boring. Tax planning including projections and end of year tax moves is way more valuable to you than 100 pages of gobbly-goo in some dust-catching PDF aimed at IRS compliance. Wow, that is a long sentence… anyways, in August we offer a tax planning tune-up and later on in November we offer an end of year tax consultation. These are complimentary consultations. Sure, you’re paying for it in some fashion with your tax preparation fees above but then again, this is a valuable service that most tax professionals don’t offer. Click the buttons below for more information. Riveting!



Value Proposition

The Watson CPA Group are tax and business consultants, not just number crunchers. Anyone can balance a checkbook. Anyone can slam together a per diem calculation. Anyone can put the right number in the right blanks. But we take a consultative approach to flight crew tax preparation. You can always find someone to do it for less- of course. However consider the solid back-end support which you will get with the Watson CPA Group that other flight crew tax preparation companies might not provide. Read more about our Value Proposition here.


We are a resource that is always available throughout the year. Have a question? Need advice? Received a notice from the IRS just before Happy Hour on a Friday? You can contact us anytime, day or night. We prefer day of course.


Our fee is not just for tax preparation- it offers the continuous peace and mind of knowing that you are not alone in your tax world.  We are airline minded people who are also small business owners and have rentals properties- we can speak your language, not just in a theoretical sense but in a practical down to earth manner.


Moreover, our goal is to always prepare a comprehensive and accurate tax return but equally important is your understanding of how a tax return ‘works’- to the extent necessary, we want you to be comfortable with your tax consequences so together we can successfully plan for your future.