Divorce Planning Portal

Welcome to the Divorce Planning portal. If you are reading this, you are either contemplating divorce, in the middle of one or already on the backside. Regardless of your timeline, we understand your questions and concerns. The first things that come to mind are usually attorneys, money and kids. But rarely are you given the tools and checklists to manage life after divorce such as insurance, mortgages, investments and retirement planning.


The Watson CPA Group has assembled a unique group of professionals which include divorce attorneys, tax professionals, financial advisors and mortgage lenders, under one roof. This assembly is referred to the Colorado Divorce Consortium. Even if you are not a Colorado resident, many of the services such as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst or tax preparation / modeling might be valuable to you.


We appreciate the sensitivity that the issue of divorce inherently brings upon itself. The Watson CPA Group and each individual professional in our circle of trust will use the highest level of discretion to protect your privacy.


Divorce Planning

The biggest problem in divorce planning is the lack of planning. People don’t plan to fail, but many fail to plan. Determine your objectives. Know your limitations. Review your options. The Watson CPA Group can help you make informed financial decisions. Use the buttons below to navigate to various divorce topics. There are books upon piles of information about divorces, and these pages are designed to give you a glimmer of things you need to consider.


Marriage is all about love and divorce is all about money, to steal a common phrase. The button below will direct you to the necessary steps including a checklist of the information the Watson CPA Group needs to prepare your divorce financial analysis and reports.



General Retirement Planning

One of the biggest concerns for divorcing couples is retirement- how much is there, how does it work, what will you need to retire, among other concerns. And what makes matters worse is that usually one person in the marriage handles the retirement duties. The topics below are general retirement topics, and not specific to divorces.



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