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How to Manage Money While Paying for College

As we progress as a society and continually prioritize the need for a college degree, the prices of colleges keep rising and the numbers in our checking accounts keep decreasing. It’s nearly impossible for parents to send their kids to college, or kids to send themselves, without taking out some student loans. But with loans…


Best and Worst Places to live for Taxes

When considering where to live, one must consider the cost of living and how your income will be affected by the taxes that you owe. Today, we’ll cover the 5 best and 5 worst states to live in, in terms of average taxes.    Worst:    5. Wisconsin. With about $117 in taxes per every…


What We Can Do For You

At Watson CPA, we offer all sorts of services other than those having to do with taxes. A consultation firm of sorts, our other services are often overlooked. So, in an effort to convey to our current and potential customers the broad expanse of our services, we’ve decided to do a blog covering essentially everything…


5 Tax Terms Everyone Should Know

When it comes to taxes, there’s only so much that you have to know as a common citizen. However, the documents aren’t exactly always referred to and/or written in layman’s terms. But we’re professionals for a reason. We understand how difficult it can be to follow what the documents are saying, so we’ve decided to…



Deductions  You’ve undoubtedly heard about the benefits of tax deductions, but you may not completely understand how they work, or are configured. A tax exemption is also of some interest to us due to its similarity.  Why should you be care?  Tax deductions help to reduce taxable income. Meaning they don’t decrease tax percentages or…


Direct vs. Indirect Taxes

In a world where our annual monetary success is virtually slashed by taxes, I think it’s time that we address the truly disturbing amount – both direct and indirect – that we pay whether we know it or not. Today we’ll go over the two terms, and various examples of each.  Direct taxes: what are…


Why We Do What We Do

Many people look at our company and our business model and are intrigued, even sometimes confused. Why do we do what we do? Why do we slave over others’ taxes? Who would want to spend their whole life balancing someone else’s checkbook? To many, what we do is a mystery. It’s an act that has…



Who doesn’t love the game Monopoly? Although it may seem like a completely fabricated form of reality, it very accurately represents many real-world behaviors and tendencies seen everyday. Today, we’re going to compare Monopoly, a game loved and adored by many, to real-life progression as an individual and a family. 1. You get to choose…


How to Deal With The Recent Stock Market

By Watson CPA Group (Google+) Posted November 22, 2015   The stock market is something that doesn’t make sense to a lot of people. How can my money turn into more by representing this invisible form of ownership? This confusion is why there are people who invest your money for you. But even with that…