Track Your Tax Refund


track your refund

Track Your Refund

Posted September 15, 2018


The IRS is no longer giving out hard dates for refund deposits, but you can still use this handy tool to ensure your tax return was filed properly and the approximate date of refund deposit.



The following states also have their own refund status links:


AL   AR   AZ   CA   CO   CT   DE   GA   HI   ID   IL   IN   IA   KS   KY


LA   ME   MD   MA   MI   MN   MO   MS   MT   NE   NJ   NM   NY


NC   ND   OH   OK   OR   PA   RI   SC   UT   VT   VA   WV   WI   DC


We try to keep up with all 41 states plus the District of Columbia. If you encounter a broken link or a better link, please let us know.


Also, if you need further assistance on the status of your tax return, or a taxing authority is not providing the answer you need, please contact us for help. We will need a Power of Attorney signed in most cases so we can speak directly to the revenue agents on your behalf.